Moorlands Primary

E-Safety & Useful Websites

E-Safety is about using the information and communication technologies in a safe and responsible way.

The internet is a fantastic resource, which we regularly use in school to learn, communicate and have fun! However there are also risks, as it isn’t owned by anyone and anything can be uploaded and downloaded.

It is our job, as parents and teachers, to help equip our children with the skills required to stay safe on-line. In ICT and PSHE we dedicate specific lessons to promoting this message.

Remember to be SMART!

SAFE – Keep your personal information safe by not giving it to strangers, and ask an adult to help you register with websites

MEETING – Don’t meet up with people you’ve made friends with through the internet or your mobile phone, if you really want to, take your parent or carer, and NEVER go alone

ACCEPT– Never accept emails, friendship request etc from people you don’t know.

RELIABLE – People may use a made up character so ask yourself, ‘Is this person reliable?’ and ‘Can I trust them?’ Is this website being completely truthful?

TELL – Tell your parent or carer if you feel uncomfortable about anything you see or read on the internet, they will be able to help you.

Getting Help

If a parent or child has any concern about e-safety, please approach either your child’s teacher, the school office, or Mrs Browne(Designated Safeguarding Lead) email:

If you have a concern you should report to CEOP, the police unit responsible for online safety of children and young people.