Moorlands Primary

Lower School

On this page you will find detailed information on the curriculum plans for
Moorlands Primary School Lower School classes. Published schemes are used for PE, Music, computing, PSHE and RE - see curriculum overview for further details. 

For further information, please contact class teachers.

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These are working documents and will be reviewed and updated as necessary


Year overview  Overview of Drivers 2023-2024

 Year 1 - Seasonal Changes - Autumn-Winter

 Year 2 - Science - Living Things and Their Habitats

 Year 1 Science - Animals including humans

 Year 2 - Animals Including Humans

 Year 1 - Materials

 Year 2 - Materials

 Year 1 - Plants

 Year 2 - Plants


 What was the impact of the Great Fire of London?

 What makes my town special?

 Are all islands the same?



 What makes my town special?

 Are all islands the same?


 Art - Drawing

 Art - painting

 Art - Sculpture

Design & Technology

 Structures - Fire Engines

 Mechanisms - Moving Pictures

Scheme Subjects

 Scheme Subject Overview - Autumn Term

 Scheme Subject Overview - Spring Term

Curriculum News for parents