Moorlands Primary

Avon Tyrell Day 1

What a great start to our Avon Tyrell visit! We arrived nice and early so plenty of time for the children to get settled into their rooms before lunch - pasta and garlic bread, yum!

After lunch we headed off to our first activities:

Group 1 - exploring the grounds, playing table football and pool followed by Egg Drop

Group 2 - Adventure course, followed by abseiling (super well done to everyone in the group - they all managed it!)

Group 3 - Building a giant catapult, followed by egg drop

Group 4 - Also building a giant catapult competing with group 3, followed by archery

Group 5 - Shelter building, followed by exploring the grounds.

The children then returned to the house for dinner - pizza and chips (very popular!) followed by cookies and cream.

After dinner there was plenty of time to chill out playing games and chatting to friends before heading off into the grounds for a campfire with toasted marshmallows.

Hopefully lots of tired out children (and staff!) by the end of the day.

Here are a few photos of our first day's activities - sorry there's not more the wifi is a bit dodgy!