Moorlands Primary

Avon Tyrell Day 2

Another great day at Avon Tyrell! Much to our delight, the children's rooms were quiet by 11pm last night, they must have been tired after the campfire! The children also enjoyed not having to go to breakfast until 8:30 - full English today with cereals and toast for those who wanted it.

At 9:30 we set off for our activities:

Group 1 started the day with mountain biking - there were some very tired looking children pedalling up the steep hill! This was followed by the adventure course.

Group 2 were completing the egg drop challenge (trying to make a safe container for an egg to drop from the abseiling tower followed by shelter building - we discovered that whilst we could make quite stable shelters, making them waterproof was harder!

Group 3 started their day with crate stacking followed by mountain biking - all the children beat Mr Eynon up the hill!

Group 4 were shelter building first, followed by crate stack - the winning tower was 11 crates high before the children got to fly!

Group 5 completed the adventure course followed by archery - Jaden, Zach and Jimmy all competed for the best archer!

Our morning activities were followed by lunch  - nachos and chilli. Evie said they were good!

This afternoon we had even more activities

Group 1 did shelter building followed by pioneering where they built a giant catapult. 

Group 2 did crate stacking (the children loved flying and trying to lift the instructor up on th pulleys!) followed by archery - some very cold fingers by the end of the evening.

Group 3 started their afternoon with some free time - they went for a walk through the forest visiting some parks along the way! After that they tried abseiling - Sharaya says it was terrifying!

Group 4 had a free period where they went for a walk to see the view into Bournemouth followed by climbing which they all had a go at, most of them reaching the top of the climbing tower!

Group 5 started their afternoon with abseiling Luca says it was scary and fun! This was followed by egg drop.

The afternoon was followed by dinner of southern fried chicken and wedges with apple crumble and custard for pudding. The children are now all in their pyjamas for a fun bingo night! Fingers crossed they will sleep as well as last night!