Moorlands Primary

Avon Tyrell Day 3

Our final full day at Avon Tyrell was another sunny but cold day full of activities! The children are tired, but very excited for their disco this evening - they're all busy getting their best clothes on as I type!

Our day started with a fab breakfast of sausages, bacon, toast and pancakes with yogurt and cereal for those who wanted it. The children then started their first activities.

Group 1 started their day on the climbing wall - Lewis said it was really fun like climbing a mountain and then jumping into the ocean without getting wet! After that they headed off to the crate stack - Jayden said it was great, he screamed his lungs out!

Group 2 started their day with mountain biking - a big shout out to William who worked really hard to master cycling! They followed this with pioneering (building a giant catapult to fire tennis balls across the courts)

Group 3 started their day with the adventure course - Paul said they had to communicate with each other and help each other along the way. After that they built a shelter - Brooklyn tells me that Amelia and Sharaya's team was best!

Group 4 started their day with abseiling - Ruby said it was really scary at first but dead fun in the end! They followed this with mountain biking. Callie said it hurt her legs at first but was fun at the end!

Group 5 started with crate stack - Luca said it was really fun and exciting! After that they were pioneering - Jimmy said the knots on the catapult were hard at first but they got easier with practise!

After morning activities it was back to the house for lunch. Fishfinger/veggie nugget baps with waffle fries. Alex loved his fishfinger bap so much he went back for seconds!

In the afternoon, the children head off for their final activities of the day (with most children popping into the shop to spend their pocket money during the afternoon).

Group 1 started their afternoon with archery - Prabhlin loved it she was really good at shooting the arrows and finished off with abseiling.

Group 2 joined up with group 3 for some climbing on the climbing tower. They then headed back to the house for some chill out time - lots of pool playing (Nya and Maisey were definitely pros by the end!) and table football.

Group 3 were climbing the climbing tower with group 2. Amelia said it was really hard at first but when she got the hang of it it was great fun. She was really proud of getting to the top. This was followed by archery.

Group 4 completed the adventure course. Raafeh said it was really cool! They then took part in the egg drop challenge.

Group 5 finally got their chance to have a go on the mountain bikes - Zaria said it was terrifying! They then headed back to the climbing tower - Mariah said it was great fun but really hard.

Here's some photos from today (don't worry there will be lots more once I've had chance to sort them properly and massive apologies if I've missed your child!)