Moorlands Primary

Aims and Values

"No Child Left Behind"

Moorlands Primary School is proud to be a learning hub that sits in the heart of the local community.

We strive to ensure all of our pupils are confident and curious learners who are well prepared to participate effectively in our ever changing society.


What we do…

What it means to us…


Respect everyone

*Keep hands and feet to ourselves

*Speak politely to everyone

*Always use good manners, verbally and in behaviour around the school


Encourage each other

*Give praise (say well done)

*Give genuine feedback to help our friends’ (and peers’) learning improve

*We celebrate differences


Speak truthfully

*We are honest

*We speak truthfully about others and what they have done/ we have done to them

*We say/recognise/admit when we have done something wrong / made a bad choice and apologise for this


Practise, persevere and make progress

*We try again and again to improve our skills

*We do not give up

*We use our purple pens with pride


Embrace mistakes

*We learn from our mistakes

*We look at mistakes as a way of moving our learning forward


Consider our choices

*We think before we act

*We know we always have a choice

*We can say “no”


Thrive together as a team

*We work together

*We help each other and celebrate achievements of other children as well as our own

*We include everyone