Moorlands Primary

Our Uniform Policy

Children should be suitably dressed for school and there is a long tradition at Moorlands that children wear school uniform. As well as helping to give the children a sense of identity, it does away with fraught discussions, particularly with older children, about what to wear each morning! 


 The following items of clothing are recommended:


White or Royal-Blue
• Shirts
• Polo Shirts
Grey or black
• Trousers
• Skirt
• Pinafores
Royal Blue
• Sweatshirt or Cardigan. These do not need to be branded, however, items with the school logo are available for sale at the school’s office

• Dark flat practical shoes, not white trainers please


  • Skirts or dresses in a gingham blue
  • Practical shoes/sandals - not strappy or high heels
  • White Polo shirt or white shirt
  • Grey or black trousers/Shorts

Uniform does not have to have the school logo on and non-school branded clothing items can be purchased from most local supermarkets.


Most children run about a great deal in the playground; please ensure that they wear shoes that enable them to move safely. Shoes with suitable grip are required for children to use the adventure area safely. If children wear sandals in the summer, a fall is less painful if they are also wearing socks.

Book bags, P.E kits, P.E Bags & fleece jackets are available for sale at the school’s office

PE, games and swimming kit

All children need pumps/plimsolls or trainers and a PE bag. For gym they need shorts and Tshirt

(Plain white T-shirt and blue/black shorts please).

Football boots may be needed during the year; please wait until we let you know about these.

A plain grey or black tracksuit can be worn for outdoor PE when the weather is cold.

(PE kits can be bought as a set from the school office)
Swimming lessons are available to children in year 4.

If this is done, lost items are much more likely to be returned. We have lost property boxes in each area of the school; they are emptied at the end of each term.


For reasons of safety children should not wear jewellery apart from small studs in pierced ears or religious or medical jewellery. If watches are worn, they should be marked with the child's name.
The staff encourage children to take care of their belongings and will try to find any missing items; however, parents should note that the school cannot be held responsible for any loss. For reasons of safety, earring should be removed during PE lessons. If this is not possible, please provide micro-pore tape so that the earrings can be covered.

Mobile phones

We do not advise children to come to school with mobile phones. However, we understand that if they walk to or from school on their own you may wish them to have one. This is allowed on the understanding that it is brought to the office for safekeeping / handed into the teachers in year 6 and returned at the end of the day. No responsibility will be taken for loss or damage of phones
under any circumstances.